Online dating…..does it work?

by Sandra on December 23, 2009

Here I am now over sixty years of age and relying on this new revolution called online dating to find the second love of my life. Uh huh. I am aware that many of you have truly discovered new/true love through this relativity new medium. But honestly, I have found it to be more pain than pleasure.

I do not wish to demean anyone, but what is it with the men on the e-harmony site who put their information “out there” (with photo), pay the monthly dues, dutifully answer the guided communication system of questions and answers and then after a conversation or two drop off the face of the earth! Frankly with every dropped eligible man, I feel more and more at a loss to understand this  behavior. Perhaps if these men would communicate their issue with me, I could understand their disappearance better. But no, it is just a cut and dry “me no talk to you scenario”. What the heck! I am trying diligently to understand the mentality that accompanies these actions but alas I just do not get it! I AM NOT CRAZY! Someone please help me understand.

Luckily for me, I am prepaid with my own dating service until October 2010. <sigh>

Happy dating!


And A Happy New You!

by Sandra on December 21, 2009

It occurred to me the other day that we try at the beginning of each new year with our resolutions to exercise, diet, strive perhaps to increase (or find) faith and that really what we are doing is attempting to create a “new” us.

So as I was singing the old song “We wish you a Merry Christmas and  a Happy New Year” with my granddaughters, the words Happy New You just dropped out of my mouth. I am not saying that we are not great as we stand, but the trend for beginning the new year is to improve in some way. We resolve to be better friends, spouses, parents and on and on the list goes given our own personalities and goals. And so from my perspective, this drive for bettering myself constitutes a “new” me! Of course I wish for the year to go well with as few hiccups as possible, but more to the point I want to in some way create/revise me.

On a personal note, the last four months of this year brought with it shocking surprises and many disappointments. And the irony is that last year at this time, I resolved to make 2009 a greater improved version of 2008! Hmmm – perhaps I was over energetic in establishing my resolutions? Whatever. The point is that I am still blessed with family whom I love, there is a roof over my head and I do not miss many meals  :) And maybe just maybe in some way, I am a more “happy new me”………still working on that concept.

I proposed this revision of my “Happy New You” words to my Jazzercise compadres today and they jumped all over it and suggested that I patent the phrase.  I am not sure of the feasibility of that, but do feel as though I have been quite clever!

So whatever your plans or resolutions for the new year whether you are over sixty or 22, keep in mind that what you are really doing is in some way creating a new you. What we do at the  beginning of each new year to improve upon ourselves is a really good thing….Martha would agree.

Make those resolutions, jot them down in a journal, share them with a close friend and strive to make them a reality. Consider rewarding yourself when you make progress with one of your resolutions, but on the other hand do not beat yourself up excessively if what you wish to do does not materialize immediately. We are all on this journey together.

Happy New You!


Muffin Top anyone…………

November 19, 2009

According to Oprah the words Muffin Top are a synonym for the “Donelap” syndrome as in “the flesh that done lap over your waistband.” Somewhere in the mid 20th century fashion experts dictated that jeans riding lower on our waists would make our bodies sexier and more attractive. While that may be true for a [...]

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